Using a phone without a case? The last thing you want to do is replace an entire phone because it didn't have a case. Arghh!! You’ve dropped your smartphone, the sound is usually followed by you scrambling on the floor to retrieve it and checking for a cracked screen. It's a wrenching sound, but it's even worse when it happens without a phone case. They are expensive accessories for your lifestyle and cost so much to replace, not just financially but your whole life is contained in your mini tech extension. Yet some do not have their cases protected for different reasons, some people simply want their phone to be as light as possible or don't like the bulky feel of a case, some can’t decide how to accessorize their smart tech, some are looking for an ultimate style statement and some can’t be bothered. Recent data has said that millions are spent each year on replacing damaged smartphones, it's so easy to damage your phone. Smartphones are smaller, slicker and lighter than ever, which makes them all the harder to grasp so here's why you need to get covered with a case for your smartphone: 1. Replacing your smartphone is expensive Under your smartphone contract, you likely paid about £200+ to start your plan. While that doesn't seem too drastic for a brand new phone, if you drop your phone and completely destroy it, you'll be looking at closer to £700 to get a replacement. Most contracts don't have replacement policies and even when you enrol in the insurance program, it can still cost a deductible or limit you to a single replacement for the entire contract. Everyone has dropped their phone at least once, so why not cover it with a case? 2.Getting a grip Some people like the sleek aesthetic of smartphones, but their textures make them nearly impossible to grip. However, with SympleUK cases and covers there are a choice of microfiber and natural leather options that are slim-fitted, and provide a gripping texture that will help you keep your phone in your hands. If you have an on-the-go lifestyle, getting a phone case might the best investment for keeping your device safe whilst adding a fashion statement to your phone.