Fashionable Cases & Covers That Will Keep Your Smart Tech looking as Chic as You. Dress up your phone. Our phones and tablets are probably our most important accessories - from our facebook & twitter accounts to our photos, pretty much everything is recorded on our smartphones & tablets, our entire lives are basically on our smart tech! Obviously, you'll want to keep yours looking just as chic as the rest of your wardrobe after all they are a statement of your own personal style - which is where SympleUK phone cases & covers come in! Other Androids are mostly left out of the game compared to Apple technology but at SympleUK we believe that every phone and tablet should have a case or cover, considering there are so many different models and manufacturers of Android phones and we offer other cases and covers to style them up. Cases in Fashion Fashionable phone and tablet cases gained popularity when the focus was about protecting a very expensive device and showing off the Apple logo as an exclusive status symbol. As soon as they became something everyone had we felt the need to accessorize them. Style it in Leather Cool & urban with a luxurious feel, leather makes for the best style statement for your iPhone, iPad, Android tech. We can’t help but love the expensive look and feel of leather and it becomes better as it ages when it takes on a patina. Top grade genuine leather, and perfect attention to detail. The leather used in SympleUK’s cases and covers is carefully selected, ensuring top quality and a perfect look. Faux Leather can be a thing of beauty Great colours and animal friendly to boot, we have cases and covers that are constructed of faux leather for those of us who don’t choose the hide version. Faux leather (also referred to as “leatherette” or “vegan” leather) is often considered as a lower cost alternative to genuine leather. We can argue that faux leather can look just as designer as real leather, check out the cases and covers we have in this fabric and take your pick. Microfibre not just for protection Most fashionista’s probably see a microfiber cover as more of a case for protecting their phones or tablets but we think differently, it is such a versatile material and is appealing due to the endless possibilities for colours and designs. Check out the fantastic options we have available.